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Lessons with Brennan's Driving Tuition were always fun and effective. I had a brilliant instructor because I never felt under pressure during my lessons. His manner is friendly and supportive which is crucial whilst learning to drive, so you don’t make nervous mistakes and end up dreading your driving lessons. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t push you in the right direction, he knows from what he has witnessed about your ability and what you are ready for and gives you the confidence to do it. I remember I was nervous about going onto the A500, yet he knew I could do it and was capable of handling it and he was right, I went along the A500 just fine and felt much more comfortable going onto bigger roads after that. I thoroughly enjoyed my time driving with him. He is an excellent driving instructor and because of him I passed my practical test on my first attempt with only one minor fault. Which shows if you listen to your instructor and take in what he teaches you on the driving lessons, you will be a fantastic driver. After I passed my practical test I went on to do a pass plus. We drove to a completely different city, which seems like an extremely difficult task for a new driver, but with Russell’s guidance the whole trip was a breeze. I have driven from England to Scotland since passing my pass plus test and I definitely wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it without the pass plus with Brennan's. I am really fortunate to have been able to have my driving lessons with Brennan's. Sometimes I miss being a learner driver because the lessons were so fun. I would recommend Brennan's to anybody looking for driving lessons!

Josh Paton

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